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Your First Visit

How does Hypnotherapy help?

Depending on your present situation and reasons for seeking help, hypnotherapy has many benefits. Hypnotherapy can help you better manage your symptoms, outbreaks, and triggers. It can also offer you increased coping skills and open your eyes to new ways of dealing with situations you may not have been to before. Hypnotherapy can offer problem-solving skills, provide support, and help you work through different life changes, allowing you to see your circumstances as a personal growth opportunity instead of a burden or obstacle.

Hypnotherapy is a rapid modality for change, and it is permanent*

Some specific skills Hypnotherapy can provide for your self-improvement goals:

  • Emotional management, including, but not limited to, anger, jealousy, grief, and depression.
  • Coping mechanisms allow you to work through situations that typically cause anxiety, fear, or avoidance.
  • Stress-management techniques to deal with stress in your everyday life, such as with your job and family.
  • Skills and techniques to help you better navigate relationships or to work through relationship troubles.
  • Problem-solving skills for you to enact when you encounter issues that may typically have caused you to shy away or back down, such as social situations or public speaking.
  • Improving self-love, self-confidence, and body image.
  • Improving communication, listening, and the ability to speak up for yourself.
  • Understanding your skills, strengths, and positive attributes and learning to quiet your inner negative critique and overthinking.
  • Finding a resolution to the issues that initially led you to hypnotherapy, such as having panic attacks or being unable to sleep.

The decision to begin hypnotherapy is an individual choice. There are many reasons to start hypnotherapy to help manage daily stress or a transitional period. It is your treatment plan that will vary based on your individual circumstances.

What to expect on your first visit?

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There is the telephone consult: This is important to determine if Hypnotherapy is right for you! On our consult call – we will discuss your situation, and after that, I will explain if I can assist you and how that will work.

Your First Session – 

We will take the first meeting to assess your current situation.  We will address specific areas unique to you and your current circumstances. From there, we will be able to determine your hypnotherapy treatment plan. What will it entail, and what will it look like for you in terms of fitting it into your day-to-day life? In addition, I may provide you with a series of actions to do outside of our hypnotherapy sessions, such as practicing a particular technique or reading a specific book, as you must take on an active role in your healing. This is nothing I do “to you” – It is something we do together to create the effects and changes you desire.

We also work to establish rapport, and if we click and Hypnotherapist and Client. Our first session will be more like a two-way interview.  I’ll get to know you, and you’ll get to know me. I will ask you questions to help me better understand your primary issues and concerns and your history in terms of other events in your life, family, childhood, and career. However, you are welcome to ask questions too. For this to be successful, we must establish a client/hypnotherapist relationship that is supportive and honest. The nature – and the quality – of our relationship will determine the success of your overall goals. The success of the ‘meeting of the minds’ with your hypnotherapist is the most accurate predictor of a positive, healthy outcome to the hard work you put in towards your happiness. As such, each client/hypnotherapist relationship will be unique, but specific values and themes are valid for all sessions, and you can expect the following:

  • You can expect to be treated with compassion, empathy, respect, and understanding. I will meet you where you are. If you have many “issues” and only wish to work on one of them, then that is what we will do.
  • You can expect to be presented with someone available to listen to you and listen to your interpretation of what you are currently experiencing.
  • You can expect to receive knowledgeable and scientifically backed techniques and information to assist you in overcoming your current struggles.
  • You can expect to arrive in a safe, supportive, and confidential space.
  • You can expect to receive fundamental strategies and techniques you can use to enact positive changes in your life.
  • An assessment determines your suggestibility and how your subconscious mind takes in information.  At this point, there is a conversion to hypnosis, and I explain as the transformation happens, everything that is going on as it is going on.

Is therapy confidential?

Generally, all hypnotherapy sessions are confidential, and anything you discuss with me will remain between you unless you request otherwise. This is as per the protection rule of law, which I follow, and no information from the session can be disclosed without prior written consent from the client.

There are exceptions to this rule; however, as your Hypnotherapist, I will disclose information from the session to legal authorities or appointed persons if any of the following are true:

  • If I suspect abuse to a child, dependent adult, or an elder or is made aware of domestic abuse. These situations all require me to notify legal authorities immediately.
  • If I suspect an individual has caused or is threatening to cause severe bodily harm to another person, I will report it to the police.
  • If an individual intends to harm himself or herself, expressing to me, for example, plans for suicide. While I will attempt to work through this with additional licensed mental health caretakers if it appears to be unresolved or the client does not cooperate, further action may need to be taken to ensure the safety of the client.

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