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Food-Sobriety Weight Care Program

What is Food-Sobriety? What is this amazing 12 week (+1) Weight Care program?

This is a way to help someone start or re-start their way of eating to a healthier you. This is a serious program and it IS a lot of fun! I am in it to win it with you! 

This is a training with Hypnosis – it has shown to help those who are willing to allow themselves to change their idea about how they eat and of course what they eat.

Learning to change your eating habits, abstain from those foods that have caused the scale number to increase, and as a by-product of a new way of life change, you get to see the scale number decrease*.

Let’s talk about sobriety –

Sobriety is abstaining from something. We routinely hear this word for substance abuse and I am using it for “food” abuse – For example: It’s a cryin’shame that even though donut stores sell donuts by the dozen, eating 5 at once is not a good idea, however, emotionally satisfying as it may feel, it is not a healthy choice. Eating one donut, is NEVER an option, either. I don’t know how. So, that said,  I AM TELLING YOU I am in “Donut Sobriety” – I have had 1 donute in about 15 months –

On a personal note: The pandemic did cause me to increase my weight number on my own scale a bit (I was sure it was broken until I couldn’t fit into my slippers )-           I have, of course, turned that around over the past 1 1/2 years. I do not feel like I failed. I did get some feedback about myself, however. That’s knowledge and  new resources as I learn what does work to get to my own successful goals.

I will help you attain your own successful weight care goals, too!

If you are ready to get serious then call me and let’s chat about it.

This 12-week weight care program Package Includes the following:

    • 12 personal sessions with Ilah. (In person OR via Zoom )
    • Learning a new way of life – New habits are created and old ones collapsed.
    • Tools – Your folder will include your tape measure to measure yourself weekly and enclosed is  all of your charts and other information needed for your best success.
    • Weight/food tracking journal
    • Performance Contract
    • Water Cup
    • Exercise Mat
    • Your weight program if you do not have one. I have two to choose from or you can bring yours.
    • All personal sessions of the hypnotics with ILAH are custom recorded and emailed to you, immediately after your session, so you can listen between sessions for daily reinforcement.
    • A personal EFT seminar with ILAH and you can invite up to 4 to attend with you.  (In addition to the 12 weeks) – This is added if you stall and just need to do some releasing of old emotional “stuff”.
    • Law of Attraction  Coaching
    • We do not just work on food, eating, recipes. There are many layers to someone’s weight gain. Sometimes it’s a protective measure or low self esteem or lack of confidence, and it could be many other reasons why. We will work together to peal back the onion.
    • Plus,  other wonderful surprises along the way.

The weekly sessions – the hypnotics work with your willingness to change.          Other sessions will include: Water, Exercise motivation, Metabolism, Fat Cells,  Body Shaping, Inner Child, Vision Board information, maintenance and many other “themed” weeks.

The program works with you from the inside out. The food part is low carb (not keto, just low carb).

We create a mental image of you at your most successful weight and using the rules of Law of Attraction – which are very specific, allow you to learn your current strategies for weight management and make changes to that strategy, through holistic techniques and hypnotic suggestions, even in the first session we start with your willingness to change your behavior from where it is to where you wish it to be.

What this program offers is accountability. It works by helping you change how you are doing what you are doing that isn’t working for you and your desire to make some changes and the hypnosis portion is a big part of it.

Please note: This is a way of life change. It is NOT a diet program.  Weight care starts in the kitchen (not the gym, although exercise is a big part of it).  There are some considerations for you to think about before you decide to do this program.

This is a commitment for yourself and to me, but mostly you!

You will be expected to do, at least, the following:

– Weigh yourself daily (if you do not have a scale, you may need to invest in one)

– Measure weekly

– Drink Water …..  you must include water – 1/2 your weight in ounces, every day – (Example: if you weight 200 lbs. you should be drinking at least 100 ounces of water a day, every day) – Water is charted

– Chart your daily food intake in detail

_ There is exercise introduced in this program. (It is 2 to 3 days a week and very easily done, with a personal trainer for the first 2 weeks. Personal training is also available for longer. Please ask about this)

– Listen to the recording made for you, daily, until your next session.

– Commit to completing this program in 16 weeks to be on your way to a successful new you!

Give me a call and we can discuss your weight care needs and see what works best for you.

Cost is $2500** – If paid in cash 10% off -which makes the total $2250. Must be paid at the first session.
There is a 16 week window in which to complete this program. 

The program is weekly and  participation is expected.  Weight release  will not happen over night.     IT  WILL happen. You do your part and I will endeavor everything I can to get you there!

This program is 100% effective* if you follow it (and me) -*AS long as there are no medical issues that would be contraindicated. Think of this as like an athlete and a coach.

If you have 30 lbs or more to release, a medical referral will be given to you to have your medical health professional become aware of what you are choosing to do.

There are no refunds.  Hours/sessions are not transferrable for this program.

Please discuss with ILAH the details of this Food-Sobriety Weight care program and how it can benefit you, directly.

On a personal note: This is one of the best programs you will ever find “out there” without the use of medications or surgery.

The Program –

Each week we work on a different area of your weight care:

Water, self-image training, collapsing limiting beliefs, building boundaries around food, learning about what “cheating” and “cheat days” really mean, we work on better sleep, self-love and self-care,  any resistance issues,  emotional eating, what is hunger, meal planning (not so much prepping but definitely planning) – we establish new positive suggestions to give you a new clear vision to your weight goals.  This is an all inclusive program, and some sessions you may not want to work on a weight care issue but something personal that you believe needs to be attended.  I say, “bring it” – I am here to help you clear the blocks that may be getting in the way of your success.

To recap: This program is a way of life – not a diet and it is powerful and successful for those who choose to participate fully in it. 

Call ILAH for more information 559-749-4803


Another weight care option:

Weight Care In a box …

This is literally a box for you to do your own weight care from home.

The box includes the following:

Your Weight care folder that holds charts and information to be filled out daily

Your weight care program if you do not have one.

Measure tape $1

Water cup $25

exercise mat $25

food journal $12

Six (6) 20 minute phone calls with ILAH within 16 weeks of purchase – for some added support. $600.00

A thumb drive with 12 pre-recorded sessions to listen to – one per week – $900.00 . This is not a customized plan.

Total cost would be $1563.00 –  All of this for $997.00

Alternatively –  12 customized recordings – $1200.00, (add $200.00 and you also increase to eight 20 minute phone sessions with ILAH)

For an additional charge:

In some instances ILAH can schedule house calls.

For those who wish more coaching, ILAH is available to come to your home and help you learn how to cook simple, quick, delicious meals that keep you on track.  (This can also be done on zoom)

Ask for more details.


** This program is not refundable. 

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