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Food-Sobriety Weight Care Program and Inner Transformation

What is Food-Sobriety? A 12-week Starter Program for weight reduction.

This is a way to help someone start or re-start their eating habits to a healthier you. This program is serious for those serious about changing their lifestyle. It IS a lot of fun, and it’s work. 

We did not get “this size” overnight, and it will take time to get to your chosen “size”.

The average weight reduction is about 4 to 12 pounds a month.  If you have a lot of weight to reduce, it will start fast and then taper to 1 to 2 lbs a week.  Any quicker can create a false weight reduction and is not a healthy way to get to where you want to be.

Disclaimer: I am not a licensed medical professional, dietician, or food practitioner.  I am a Certified Hypnotherapist and hold a special certification in weight loss and Hypnosis (Hypnotherapy).  I am also disclaiming that there are no guarantees to your results.  That will be entirely up to you. I will endeavor to get you where you want to go as long as you do your part.  Think of this like I am the coach, and you are the athlete.

Also — I am in it to win it with you!  

This program is a low-carb (not “keto”) –  Just a low-carb way of living. Learning to pair carbohydrates with the proper fats and proteins.

IT IS A WAY OF LIFE YOU ARE LEARNING.  Achieving your desired size does not mean you can go back to how you lived prior, and you will gain all your weight back and then some.

You are transforming yourself from the inside out!
Just remind yourself that this is a new way of life! Forever.  I call it Food-Sobriety!

You will be in sobriety (abstaining) from the foods that may have caused this in the first place.  (For example, I am in “donut” sobriety.  Never met a donut I didn’t like.  And from time to time, I fall off my wagon.  I don’t teach or expect one to feel guilt for falling off the wagon; we get right back on and continue where we left off.

However, if you want results – stay on the wagon!

This weight care program with Hypnosis overviews your total body health. We start from the inside, and it works its way to the outside!

It is not a ‘diet’ fad you are on for a few weeks and then go back to how you managed before to regain it.

A Decision needs to be made by you. Changing your mind will change your life.

Hypnosis is highly effective in this weight care program.

Learning to change your eating habits and what your food sensitivities are, as well as understanding where you may be deficient,  gives way to a new awareness, and as a by-product, a new way of life emerges, and you get to see the scale number decrease**.

If you are ready to get serious, then this is the program for you. It takes a phone call. 559-749-4803

This 12-week weight care program package Includes the following:

    • 12 personal sessions with Ilah. (In person OR via Zoom )
    • Learning a new way of life – New habits are created, and old ones collapse.
    • Tools – Your folder will include your tape measure to measure yourself weekly, and enclosed is all of your charts and other information needed for your best success.
    • Accountability – weekly going on the previous week
    • Weekly progress report
    • Weight/food tracking sheets
    • Meal Planning worksheets
    • Performance Contract
    • A weight reduction/ eating program if you do not have one. I have two to choose from, or you can bring yours.
    • All personal sessions of the hypnotics with ILAH are custom recorded and emailed to you immediately after your session so that you can listen between sessions for daily reinforcement.
    • Law of Attraction  Coaching throughout the 12 weeks.
    • We do not just work on food, eating, and recipes. There are many layers to someone’s weight gain. Sometimes it’s a protective measure or low self-esteem or lack of confidence, and it could be many other reasons why. We will work together to peel back the onion.

The weekly sessions are “themed.” Here are some:

  • A willingness to change
  • Water intake
  • Exercise (don’t worry, it’s easy)
  • Motivation
  • Fat Cell collapsing
  • Metabolism support
  • Body Shaping
  • Inner Child/Self-Love
  • Self Image Training (weekly)
  • Self Care
  • Resistance Issue 
  • Boundaries
  • Better Sleep
  • Ridding of Excess Fat
  • Maintenance hypnotics                                                                                                         And many more FUN hypnotics.
  •  There are 12 customized hypnotics for you centered around a new theme each week.
  • Also, you will be given instructions to create a Vision Board.

This program works with you from the inside out.

The food part is simple –  low carb (not keto, just low carb) Cutting out sugars and other unhealthy fats, wheats, glutens, etc.

We create a mental image of you at your most successful weight by using the rules of the Law of Attraction. Law of Attraction imagery works with very specific details that you create. You will be learning your current strategies for weight management and make changes to that strategy through hypnotic suggestions and even in the first session we start with your willingness to change your behavior from where it is to where you wish it to be in the relationship you have with your body.

There are some considerations for you to think about before you decide to do this program.

This is a commitment for yourself and me, but primarily to you!

You will be expected to do the following: (at least, for your excellent benefit and to achieve the best results!)

– Weigh yourself daily (if you do not have a scale, you may need to invest in one)

– Measure weekly

– Drink Water …..  you must include water – 1/2 your weight in ounces, every day – (Example: if you weigh 200 lbs., you should be drinking at least 100 ounces of water daily, every day) – Water is charted as well.

– Chart your daily food intake in detail.

_ There is an exercise introduced in this program. (It is 2 to 3 days a week and very easily done. (*)

– Listen to the recording made for you daily until your next session.

-Attend your weekly Hypnotherapy Session

– Commit to completing this program within 16 weeks to be on your way to a successful new you!

– Call me to discuss your weight care needs and see what works best for you.

See Current Rates tab for costs

There is a 16-week window in which to complete this program.
Fees are not refundable.  

The program is weekly, and participation is expected.  Weight release will not happen overnight.    IT  WILL happen. (as long as there are no medical contraindications)

You do your part, and I will endeavor everything I can to get you there!

This program is 100% effective* if you follow it (and me) -**AS long as there are no medical issues that would be contraindicated.

If you have 30 lbs. or more to release, a medical referral will be given to you to have your medical health professional become aware of what you are choosing to do.

There are no refunds.  Hours/sessions are not transferrable for this program.

Please discuss with ILAH the details of this Food-Sobriety Weight Care program and how it can benefit you directly.

On a personal note: This is one of the best programs you will ever find “out there” without using medications or surgery.

This is an all-inclusive program, and in some sessions, you may not want to work on a weight care issue but something personal that you believe needs to be attended.  We say, “Bring it” – We are here to help you clear the blocks that may be getting in the way of your success.

To recap: This program is a way of life – not a diet. It is powerful and successful for those who participate fully in it. 

Call for more information at 559-749-4803

Instead of the program above, you may choose weekly Sessions for Weight Release

This program is week to week at the current rate.

You will be given your Weight Release folder with information to help you get on your way to success.

There is no time limit in this program.  The recommendation is for a minimum of 9 weeks.

There is a recommended food program – (It is low-carb)

Each week there is a theme that we will work on. Each week there are hypnotics, which are recorded and emailed to you for daily reinforcement.

Week 1 – We start with a willingness to change eating behavior while examining your own.  You will be given handouts to complete each week between sessions.  In this session, we will discuss water and exercise to understand where you are in these two areas.

Week 2 – Talk about water and its importance to weight reduction.

Week 3 – Metabolism

Week 4 – Exercise

Week 5 – Fat Cells

Week 6 – Continued inner body image

Week 7 – Self Love

Week 8 – Body Shaping

Week 9 – Motivation to continue / Maintenance.

If more weeks are desired – no problem. We will work on whatever areas you wish to accomplish with Hypnotherapy.

This program does expect you to weigh daily – chart all foods consumed, measure weekly, and listen to your weekly recording daily.

None of the weight reduction programs listed are a quick fix. It took a while to get overweight – it won’t happen overnight. Changing your behavior (using Hypnosis) has proven very effective in helping many people learn a new weight-release strategy.

Let’s chat – at 559-749-4803 and figure out what will work best for you!

Pre-Recorded Weight Reduction Program.

You may wish to buy the whole program at once. There are 12 recordings (Not customized), Each taking you through a different journey.  The program is emailed over along with charts and all the recordings, as well as instructions.

This program includes three 20-minute calls for 16 weeks. Starting with the first day as call 1. The remaining 2 calls are once a month for the next 2 months to go over anything that you may need to come up.

After the 3 initial calls, All calls are at $63 per call for questions and discussion, and progress)

This program is $700 – (pre-paid) – It is yours to keep forever.

If you would like to discuss this one, please get in touch with me, and let’s discuss it.


Bright Blessings on your journey to good health!

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