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Second Year in a row - Central Valley Hypnotherapy is the top "Three Best Rated"

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    Office location: 1011 West Center Avenue • Earlimart • California • 93219

    1011 W. Center Ave. Visalia, CA 93291

    Across the street from Recreation Park; between Jacobs and Turner.

    All sessions are by appointment only.


    So – What is going to happen in your first session? 
    We will discuss, in detail, your situation in minute detail. We, also discuss what suggestions to implement in hypnosis. The more input you provide in discussion the more successful you will be.
    At that point there will be the conversion to hypnosis. I will let you know all the physiological effects that are occurring as they are occurring.
    During your state of hypnosis, you will be AWAKE – ALERT – and completely in control of you!  Please understand this is not a mind control modality, or a truth serum, nor is it even admissible in any court in our Union.

    Here are some reviews that were sent to ILAH –


    E.P. “I worked with Ilah on weight release, and even a year later I continue to see results! I was even pregnant this year and in my postpartum phase I weigh even less than my pre-pregnancy weight!  Ilah’s sessions incorporate her personal life journey, humor, and helpful advice that makes things click for me. Her hypno is incredibly relaxing, she has a very soothing, motherly voice that allows me to go so deep I often fall asleep right after the session. Ilah is incredibly congruent; she embodies what she preaches and I am often inspired by her fearlessness and openness for change. She is like a best friend that is there for you, gets you, and accesses your Subconscious Mind in a way that transforms your life! Anytime I feel a sense of hopelessness I think back to what Ilah says and get inspired. She is also so helpful in the Hypno community; always supporting other Hypnotherapists and giving helpful advice. I highly recommend her services! “

    T.W. “Ilah is a tremendously caring individual, with great communication and listening skills, positive energy, and great insights into all manner of issues. I highly recommend her.” 

    C.R. “I booked a Smoking cessation program with  Ilah in March 2019. In our first session I stated my goals that I wanted to quit smoking that day. I have been smoke free since March of 2019. Thank you. I to this day will stay in contact with her. Very compassionate Very Professional. You’re very lucky Central Valley to have such a great Hypnotherapist! 

    A.H. “Have been through extreme grief i was hurting badly. I needed help in dealing with my emptions. My body was falling apart. I wasn’t sleeping or eating properly. Ive know ilah for awhile. When i reached out for help, she was amazing Ive been a couple of times plan on going more she helped me get my emotions into perspective and she helped realize I;m going to.be ok”

    L.R. “Ilah is AMAZING! Coming in with an emotional battle within myself that seemed to be consuming me, was cleared through Ilah’s expertise. It was a wonderful new experience for me that in all honesty changed my life for the better. Always so courteous and takes her time to know me, to help me and TEACH ME. To say that a huge load was taken off my shoulders from the burden and battle I was carrying would be an understatement. Absolutely life changing!”

    S.D. – “I have had great experiences and noticeable results. Ilah is great at getting to the root of what you need to resolve issues and get the results you are looking for. Highly recommend!”

    D.W. “Ilah is an incredibly caring and skilled hypnotherapist. Cannot recommend enough!” 

    And there are even more – This is a sampling.


    “Due to many of my clients being immune compromised, I take serious measures to make sure everything is sanitized between each client. Please reschedule if you have any suspicion that you may have been exposed to C19 or the like. We can do a Zoom session in place of an in person, if you are not sure. This is whether you are vaccinated or not –
    I just want to be sure everyone who comes into my office leaves as healthy as they came in. Thank you for your understanding.
    (Masks are not required. That is entirely your preference) 


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