Thank you for stopping by to check out my “Tidbit” for today – This is a short section of basic information and sometimes technical – as the spirit leads.

Today’s tidbit is about choice – The choice you have every minute of every day –

Choices are all around us – good ones and well, not so good ones and sometimes we do not even realize “that was a bad choice” until we realize that “That WAS a bad choice”

How can someone move ahead of the curve? My answer is to be conscientiously aware of YOU and your Inner you – did you realize that there is not a single action that you have taken that didn’t start with a thought?

Basically all of our behavior – 100% starts within – it starts in the heart of each of us and only after a thought occurs does an action (or reaction) ensue.

You have heard, perhaps, people say, “That person just doesn’t think before they react” and simply that isn’t the case. Everyone will think before do – You cannot have any kind of action or reaction until there is a thought before it and it may only be for a milisecond.  That’s why it seems like someone is reacting before they think. They just didn’t spend an extra second thinking “it” through. They made a choice to react and allowed their immediate emotional state of mind to control their actions.

Taking a conscientious, on purpose, notice of your thoughts, words, and then deeds will create a much different outcome.

Some may say,  “Oh, I can’t do that” and you would be correct. Why? Because you just said you can’t. You made the choice, “Can’t” – Perhaps just a one hour “try it” could yield some amazing positive results and then try it again for another hour and so on.

This is something I personally strive for in my daily walk of life. Keeping my attitude in check with my thoughts and my words and actions are carefully parced, most of the time. (I’m human) –

That’s it for today’s tidbit – Come back tomorrow for more exciting “Tidbits” from the ‘interesting’ mind of ILAH.

Now do good work and help someone.

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