Central Valley Hypnotherapy LLC - Ilah Brock, Hypnotherapist

Clinical Hypnotherapy – Located Visalia, California

Smoking Cessation – Quit Smoking – Become Smoke Free – FOREVER!

With Ilah’s unique approach to Smoking Cessation – she is able to help a high percentage of her clients achieve a smoke-free lifestyle, often within one session.* 

Ilah will go through a lengthy Q and A with you to determine your specific behavior for smoking.

There are three behaviors why someone smokes:
and Habit

Ilah’s unique approach creates a “disgusting” image of smoking to the client.  The hypnotic portion is usually 27 minutes to 35 minutes in length. She goes through several areas of imagery and future pacing that allows your subconscious mind to start rejecting the “comfort zone” of smoking and create a new comfort zone of “smoke-free” –

Ilah records the hypnotic portion of your session so you can have it to listen to for daily reinforcement.

Here is a list of some of the questions Ilah will go over with you in a session:

Why do you want to quit?
Are you ready to quit?
What brand do you smoke?
How many cigarettes do you smoke in a day?
Where do you smoke?
When do you smoke?
How much do your cigarettes cost?
Do you think of cigarettes as some kind of “friend” “pal” … “chum”?

There are two programs Ilah offers –

  1. One and Done (with the encouragement of 2 follow-ups)
  2. Prepare to quit over a 3 to 6 session time frame.

Give Ilah a call and find out why she is becoming Central Valley’s Premier Hypnotherapist for Smoking Cessation.

*This will depend on a few factors, desire, amount of cigarettes smoked each day, brand, and did I mention “desire to quit” – this is key.

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