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Smoking Cessation – Quit Smoking – Become Smoke Free – FOREVER!

       DID YOU KNOW …?

That as of 2020 – because of Cigarette Smoking, 480,000 people died.  In this same year, 41,000 people died from 2nd hand smoke. (1)

Smoking is not a normal behavior. Can you remember the first time you smoked a cigarette? Was it an immediate enjoyment, or was their dizziness, coughing, and disgusting taste if you are from my generation (baby boomer) – it was sooo “Cool” to be smoking, and it was a common site to see 12-year-olds (me?) smoking cigarettes.

I smoked for 12 years – I quit for good 36  years ago. (1988, January).

What happens when you quit smoking?
These stats from Webmd.com are impressive:

20 minutes (less time than to watch an episode of “Friends” -), your blood pressure and pulse drop to normal levels.

A work shift – 8 hours later – Less than the time it takes to go from Sand Diego, CA to Reno, NV – Your carbon monoxide in your blood is now half it was, and the amount of nicotine is 1/4 of the way out of your bloodstream.  Your oxygen level increases, and your muscles and brain power increase.
Half a day after you have smoked your last cigarette, your carbon monoxide levels are normalized. Your heart no longer has to work so hard and will last longer for you now that you are gaining more oxygen than when you smoked.
You have lowered your chances significantly for a heart attack after the first day.
2 days into SMOKE FREEDOM – Your taste buds are gaining more stimulation to taste. Grab a tasty treat – something you’ve had before and see if it doesn’t taste a bit better.
As the days go on, your body cleans up the tar, mucus, and other gunk left from cigarette abuse. Let your body HEAL – it will take a little time but remember it didn’t happen overnight…
A few days since your last cigarette – you are breathing easier! Your energy level is increasing, and your lungs are recovering and will keep getting better daily without a cigarette.
As the days, weeks, and months move forward, your breathing, energy, and movement increase exponentially! Go with it.

You may be asking – “HOW DO I GET THERE?” 

With ILAH’s unique approach to Smoking Cessation – she can help a high percentage of her clients (90% +) achieve a smoke-free lifestyle, often within one session.* 

ILAH  will go through a lengthy Q and A with you to determine your specific behavior for smoking.

There are three behaviors why someone smokes:
and Habit

ILAH’s unique approach creates a “disgusting” image of smoking for the client.  And compounds a SMOKE FREE self image as well. She camps on the idea of just “falling in love” with that image so much and that is all that matters.

The hypnotic portion is usually 22 minutes to 35 minutes in length. She goes through several areas of imagery and future pacing that allow your subconscious mind to start rejecting the “comfort zone” of smoking and create a new comfort zone of “smoke-free” –

ILAH records the hypnotic portion of your session so you can have it to listen to for daily reinforcement.

Here is a list of some of the questions ILAH will go over with you in a session:

Why do you want to quit?
Are you ready to quit?
What brand do you smoke?
How many cigarettes do you smoke in a day?
Where do you smoke?
When do you smoke?
How much do your cigarettes cost?
Do you think of cigarettes as some kind of “friend” “pal” … “chum”?

Smoking Cessation Program options:

  1. One and Done -with the encouragement of 2 follow-ups
  2. Prepare to quit over a 3 to 6 sessions time frame.  (3 session and 6 session packages )
  3. Optional Life Time Smoking Cessation Package – This is the First session and provides up to 3 sessions a year for Smoking Cessation for life, should you ever want to begin smoking again. (non-transferable).

Before you think: “Oh that’s so expensive” –
Work this formula
Cost of a pack of cigarettes x how many packs a day x how many days a week x how many days in a year.
The average package of cigarettes approximately $8 and the average smoker will smoke 1  pack a day .
365 days in a year x $8 a day =  $2920 – this is a minimum amount.
Many smokers who come to see ILAH are smoking over $10,000.00  a year and they come from all walks of life.
ILAH has successfully helped hundreds give it up and give it up happily and for good.

Give ILAH a call and find out why she is becoming                                                                     Central Valley’s Premier Hypnotherapist for Smoking Cessation.

*This will depend on a few factors, desire, amount of cigarettes smoked daily, brand, and did I mention “desire to quit” – this is key. You need to be ready!

Other Resource

(1) undo.org


Please Note:

Hypnotherapy and the application of Hypnosis may not be safe for individuals diagnosed with bipolar disorder, manic , depressive disorders, the schizophrenia spectrum, Autism, Asperger’s, any form of dementia, or similar conditions and should seek a medical referral from their doctor before considering Hypnosis as a treatment. It is imperative to prioritize individual health and well-being and consult with a healthcare professional for personalized advice and guidance.

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