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Let’s talk about Anxiety –

Understanding what it is may help you understand where to go next.

Anxiety is simply a negative emotion around a future event.  Think about what you may be anxious about right now. I’ll wait …….

Is it something that’s happening in the future? (Future is anytime ahead of right now).

10 minutes from now? 10 years from now? It is all in the future.

Consider this little exercise – Think of your anxiety causing event (It could be a good thing. Maybe someone is getting married? Maybe you just bought a house? Anxiety does not always have to be bad, even though it is a negative emotion that is showing up) Keep up with me – I’ll explain it a little further –

Closing your (of course after you are done reading this) – Imagine the situation or event that is the cause of your anxiety. Got it? Great …

Now, as you imagine that – think past it, 15 minutes afterwards. In your own mind look at you in the situation, event or whatever it is and see yourself 15 minutes afterwards and take in how that could feel.

You can take that emotion – 15 minutes later (Usually I hear “releaf” “wow” “Oh I like that” and so on ) – it is powerful and only takes a few minutes.

One more note on anxiety that may be chronic – Check your diet – what are you eating? Is your glycemic levels too low ? too high?  Have you had your blood sugars checked lately?  If you wake up in anxiety, within a few moments,  try eating some protien before you go to bed.  Almost immediately before. Half an avocado, an ounce of cheese, something low low low in carbohydrates. See what difference that makes when you wake up and watch the sugar in-take during the day.

Let me know if this was helpful. Drop me a line ilahb@centralvalleyhypnotherapy.com or send me a text 559-749-4803

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