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Support GROUP Divorce’ Chronicles

Support Groups – Hosted by Certified Hypnotherapist, ILAH BROCK

Divorce’ Chronicles – Innaugral Meeting is June 2, 2022 and will commence the 1st and 3rd Thursday at 7pm.  There is no required fee only donations.

Please contact ILAH directly at 559-749-4803 (voice or text) to reserve your spot.  Space is limite to 20 and this isfor women only.

Divorce is an ugly experience and an epidemic in this country. 9 out of 10 marriages end in divorce and women who have been married more than 15 years – file for divorce 70% of the time.  Women married more than 25 years are divorcing at an alarming rate over 85%.

Why is this? What is the dynamic? The reasons are, many times, unbelieveable.

We can help each other. Attend ILAH’s Divorce Chronicles and be heard and start to heal and re-invent yourself in ways you never thought possible.

ILAH’s story –

I was married 36 years before my divorce was finally final.  It was not a physically abusive marriage – it was a quiet marriage. A dull marriage and an “anxious” one that I had no idea I lived in.  It was loveless and there was no connection.  There was a kind of tyrannical type of dynamic and lots of argueing. LOTS!  I learned a new strategy for relationships and I was hoping to salvage what was left of mine and yet the strategy however amazing it is – he was not interested – I learned later and after many years of thinking about it – in certain marriages there is one who will stay in it, no matter what, but that same one will do whatever they can to drive the other to ask for a divorce.

The day I asked my (ex) husband for divorce, he had a look of anger, his face turned beat red and about 20 seconds later, I saw the look of “relief” – that was what he wanted and would have never asked for it. He would have stayed in it and both of us could have just lived in a miserable sad loveless marriage.

We are amicable and we have no ill-will towards each other we have moved on.

But during the process that took a long time, I learned that he wasn’t so much a narcisist but he  definitely displays deep passive agressive behaviors that drove me crazy.

I had to re-invent myself at the age of 52 .  I did not have an exit strategy because I had this addiction to codependency and he was the bread-winner. I knew divorcing would mean that that ‘gravy’ would end and I had to do something.

I became a hypnotherapist and In all of my life I never knew I could be so happy just being me – I am free, Independent, in codependent recovery (I call it) – I broke free from the bounds of constant rejection and dislike –

I love me now, I matter – I am enough – I love my life, my career and my independence and soo much to be grateful for.

So as time goes on – I did meet the man of my dreams and we reside in Visalia, CA and I can’t imagine being happier than I am now yet, my man levels up another notch of support, love, kindness, and a sense of comfort I’d never knew.

I have found myself. I am 58 now (wrote this 6.1.2022) – and I look forward to every day helping my clients and loving my main squeeze – Let’s call him LBM for short.

I want to hear your story and if you are still in it, come to Divorce Chronicles and let’s see what we can do together – a chord of more than one is not easily broken.


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